Only HE who matters most to me deserves to be in my first post.

Phoenix, the love of my life.

I am a single mother. I am never proud to have conceived a child out of wedlock. I still would have preferred having a love child in the legal way even if I may be considered as more liberal than most Filipinos. I know all about a-woman-does-not-need-a-man-to-complete/support-herself stuff, but all those women liberation drama can never discount the fact that getting pregnant with a marriage license to weild infront of the faces of the judgmental, hypocrite Catholics is still the most convenient emotionally, socially, most especially, FINANCIALLY.

And I ADMIT…I was a fool for getting disillusioned by my overrated young love. I was a bigger fool for failing my parents dreams for me and breaking their hearts a hundred times. But from where I am standing, looking back, I will be forever proud of myself. I remained strong during the times when my whole perfect little world came crashing down on me even and I had no one to rely on but myself. My being overly optimistic and overly independent paid off. I held on to my religious opiate, gathered all my remaining strength, get as much inspiration from my baby, and slowly worked on redeeming myself. And I did. I survived through the biggest ordeal of my life gracefully…and with a huge paycheck. *grins*

boulevard w phoenix

At this moment, my life is almost perfect. It could never have happened without the tiny angel shaking my world right to the core. Without him, I still would have been a student, depending on my parents for my every expenses, being a fool on young love, driven by crazy hormones, and not inspired enough to make it big. Thanks to him, I’ve been to places I could only dream of visiting a few months back. I’ve fulfilled my mother’s own pipedream to be a flight attendant. My dad respects me more than ever. I am earning six figures. I am living a fabulous life!

This is too cliche but I have to say it. Phoenix completes me. Not only me but the rest of my family as well. I could never imagine how so much love and warmth my baby has brought into our tired and stressed out home. He is the missing link that connects us back whole. If I have to live my life again, I would love to commit the same mistake over and over…and over.

buyug wapo

I may not be the best person to give advice, but the belowmentioned are definitely worth noting down. Believe me, I learned them the hard way:

Always keep yourself protected.

Your parents and friends are always right about your boyfriend.

A baby will always be a blessing, with or without a marriage license.

A single mother can still get her dignity back, as long as she provides for herself and her baby and she doesn’t make a similar mistake.

4 thoughts on “Only HE who matters most to me deserves to be in my first post.

  1. “Your parents and friends are always right about your boyfriend.”

    —Finally you admitted we were right! It got me teary-eyed reading this. Hahaha! Don’t ruin this moment for me okey?! Haha! Hay Inday, I’m happy for you. Wish you all the happiness in the world and for that, be sure to buy my pasalubongs now pa lang. Alright?! See yah soon! Ciao!

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