A day in Dusseldorf.

I am now in Dusseldorf for my first layover destination–room 210, Renaissance Hotel, Dusseldorf, Germany to be exact. There is a slight rain outside and the temperature plunges to 5 degrees celcius. It does not seem so different from the Philippines or Dubai…really!!! Nothing unusual with the people, buildings, or the community. It is just like any places on earth. Same same, only a way lot colder.Looking outside my window brings back some of my old, treasured childhood memories. I used to dream of this place as a child. I dreamed to be in Europe or North America and see the trees turn into gold in the fall while I see a smoke-like air coming out from my mouth and nose as I breathe..and feel the very cold weather biting on my skin (it is more of rolling on the snow, actually. hehehe). But now that I am here, I don’t feel the euphoric sensation of having lived my dream. It only makes me to look back home…to be with my family and being able to hug Phoenix once again.It really is true, there is no other place on earth that will ever feel like home.

Renaissance Hotel, Dusseldorf


The lobby toilet was not nice at all. It looked like the toilet at the cinemas.


The lobby was okay. But I expected something more.


chatting up with my exes


they have Mercedez Benz  for taxis


shivering under the sun


common type of building in Germany–box like with square or triangular windows


Only for 1.90 euros but very wobbly train ride. it was very hard to stand still with only one hand.


Bicycle, a common mode of transportation in Germany. Keep away from bike lanes in the sidewalk!


I am seeing xmas signs, finally!


My hand is red and swollen from the cold.


Addition to my teddy bears from around the world.


The golden trees from my childhood dreams.


beautiful countryside


1st worlds have vandals too!


Dusseldorf International Airport

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