Friendship and tension in a multi-colored room

Finally, my abinitio 1091 had graduated. Sooner or later, I know that the bond we had created in 6 short weeks would gradually conclude as well. It was not the best of friendship that I had forged in my lifetime, but it was definitely enjoyable and a learning experience , to say the least. There were several nights of youthful fun, more days of getting to know and learn from each other, and a little too many minutes (even hours) of spreading gossips and backstabbing (hell, yeah!). This was expected of course. If you put first world and third world nationalities together in one room, it is going to be all spice and everthing not so nice. Whites said Asians were too naive (almost ignorant) while Asians (particularly Filipinos) said that Whites rarely take a shower (including Koreans and Japanese) and were too proud to feel superior when they didn’t even hold college diplomas.

I was not really much affected by these clamor because I am too carefree and too insensitive to even care. Joke! Seriously, It is because it was a mutual feeling. I judged them, they judged me. That is why I did not understand why the rest of my Filipino colleagues were so sensitive about the whites criticizing them when they themselves were delightfully picking on the whites every passing day! This made me recall that news about Oprah feeling mortified when she was not allowed to shop in a LV store after time of operation. I don’t believe Oprah was exactly discrimated. Oprah felt insulted because she did not recieve the SPECIAL TREATMENT that she was used to getting all of the time or that she expected everyone to give to her. I am talking about the do-you-know-who-I-am stuff. Please don’t think that I am being biased for the Whites. I just think that being too emotional or sensitive often leads to exaggeration of things. Particularly when people have struggled hard to get to the top, they are usually too paranoid about getting respect and would always emphasize their superiority.

This is quite similar to an incident within the college. A Latin abinitio asked a senior cabin crew ( she’s black but a british citizen) what was her origin. She took it offensively saying she’s British and came from her mother. The next thing the student knew, he was put back to square one and had to retake all the classes from day one even when he was the best in his class.

Anyway, enough with the gossip. Let me go back to my dear classmates. We had a lot of friction here and there but, in general, our six weeks together was smoothsailing. I definitely look forward to another crazy and hyper karaoke night with them. And I honestly appreciate them, with the backstabbing and all. =)

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