The love affair.


I am in love. But it is not the usual kind of love. It is the kind that never goes away. It has started since I was little girl and, just like wine, it only grows more intense with age. Whenever the sun paints the sky red as it rises and sets everyday or when Luna changes shape every night, my eyes would be fixed helplessly to this burning, bloody ball of fire and rock. Sometimes I feel like the wolf that worships the moonlight or the vampire that is always patiently waiting for the mighty sun to set and rise. I could sit there alone in a corner just watching the red sun or yellow moon and the rest of the world would easily disappear in the background.

I wonder what explains to my rather strange attraction. It could be the raging passion within me that is begging to be unleashed. It could be my hopeless romantic side that I’ve been trying hard to repress. Maybe it is only the reflection of my being frustratingly artistic. Or…it could be my darker half that is secretly lurking deep in my subconscious.

It sounds a little creepy, I know. But whatever the reason is, I embrace with all of my heart this faithful and long-lasting love affair of mine. =)


this picture doesn’t do justice


Dakak sunset by DOi


desert sunset…


and desert sunrise

are always beautiful.
Like every passing day, it is almost dark.
Night has come.
The moon is up.
It is shining brightly…


…by my apartment window.


And tonight,


it is even more captivating…


and shining more brightly…


…just for me.

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