The year’s end.

Me, an empty room, my laptop, and lots of pirated DVDs–this was how I concluded my very eventful year. Could I be more pathetic than this? It was even more pathetic than watching a romantic flick in a movie house by yourself (which I have done quite a few times as well).

But it was not a matter of having no one to spend it with. I could have the choice to spend it with my new friends (in Dubai with 8 000 young and fun-loving crew from around the world, mad party was simply a phonecall away), but I didn’t. For 20 years, New Year celebration has always meant a family celebration to me. I guess it will always be. Without my family and my closest friends, New year’s eve would merely be the end of a gruelling year and the start of another gruelling one.

Nevertheless, I hope you had the happiest New Year everyone!!! =)

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