Four years later, none the wiser.

“How can you get over someone you love?” a friend asked me. The answer is simple. You fall out of love as soon as you find someone to replace him.


I have been telling the same thing to myself for four years, yet, I am barely successful. After two years of being single, it is safe to say that I am done and over with my two ex men. But sometimes, I do not know if I am telling or trying to convince myself about this.

Yep, I am that unreliable as a love adviser. So if you ever need advices on love, never turn to me. Like everyone else, love (or lust. it is hard to tell) makes me weak and crazy. 😉

In the picture: Psyche and Cupid at the Louvre Museum

3 thoughts on “Four years later, none the wiser.

  1. Hey, nice blog. That crew mate with porn at the end of her name is that her real name? Interesting. I admire your determination to follow your dreams and care for your son. Don´t worry God will bless you with a wonderful knight in shining armour.

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