Teevee makes me sad.


I hooked up TFC (the Filipino Channel) and the Kapuso (GMA 7) channels lately in my TV in the hope of alleviating my homesickness. After five months of being away from the Philippines, I longed so much to watch Filipino movies and listen to the cheesiest lines that used to make me cringe five months ago. But as soon as I switched on the boob tube, news of the current political chaos in my beloved homeland greeted me.

I am not ignorant to these stuff. Being a political science baby of the University of the Philippines-Diliman, I breathe and eat politics. Surprisingly, I found myself significantly bothered with all the current political madness. I cannot help but compare the very ordered and unified Dubai to the perennialy chaotic and stagnant Philippines. It breaks my heart that I only have praises for the rulers of Dubai while I only have negative comments for all the Philippine presidents that have served me, starting from Marcos, Aquino, Ramos, Estrada, and down to Arroyo.

But I can still stomach all these disappointment. I am born to see my country and people with so much promise fall prey to the undeserving and money-hungry politicians. What I can never bear is the unbelievale hypocrisy when these politicos start to speak about fighting for truth and justice to the millions of Filipino tv viewers. Just this evening, Joseph Estrada, the ex- president who was ousted for graft and corruption, spoke against President Arroyo for being involved in large scale corruption and breaking the trust of the FIlipino people. Why would the media even give him the opportunity to air his pretentious opinions as if it was so significant? What gave him the right to have his voice heard throughout the land?The Philippines does not need selfish opinion from opportunistic TraPos. What the country needs are facts that could help clear issues and not make it more confusing. As usual, the Philippine media is more focused on creating drama than helping with the solution.

I am pretty sure this circus will never be over. If it will ever be, for sure it will not be soon. I do not care anymore. Besides, it is normal. In life, shit happens. Only in the case of my beloved homeland, it happens every fucking day.

One thought on “Teevee makes me sad.

  1. Hello Sharon! It’s been a while since I last visited your photoblog here in WordPress. Daming bago! Heheh! 😀 I’m itching to comment on so many of your recent posts here, so let me start with this one.

    I rarely watch any of the local TV shows for years now. Thank God for cable TV there are a gazillion other more sensible and entertaining shows to watch on the boob tube than those predictable low-budget formula soap operas starring Kristine Hermosa or Claudine Baretto or Piolo Pascual, or those corny noontime variety shows hosted by Willie Revillame or Joey de Leon whose years of sexual perversions and repulsive sexism on TV are pathetically disguised by their respective show’s seemingly charitable games/contests. I could go on and on just ranting in your site about these local shows and why Filipinos are better off without them, but let me get back to the main reason why I’m commenting on this post of yours.

    For the first time in years, on the 22nd anniversary of the Philippine People Power Revolution, I was glued to a local channel, the ANC. Heaven knows how much I loathe listening to Philippines news. It’s just too damn depressing and old and simply put, smacks of hypocrisy and corrupt politics. It’s downright pathetic. But last February 25th, I endured all that because in my own way I wanted to commemorate the momentuous event in Philippine history when the corrupt dictator Ferdinand Marcos and his regime was finally overthrown. Forget that the day was somewhat bastardized that Gloria Arroyo declared it a working holiday, or that her present government is besieged by countless allegations of corruption. Nonetheless, it was a day to look back to in our history and rekindle the sense of pride and nationalism that we all felt back then 22 years ago.

    But just like you, I felt an overwhelming sense of revulsion when I saw footages of Joseph Estrada shamelessly speaking out his mind about his successor. He had and has absolutely no moral authority to talk about trust, cheating, and resignation. His pardon was uncalled for in the first place. It was a noble decision I must say, but it was a nobility that comes hand in hand with injustice. I am in no position to judge people’s intentions, but when a nation’s stability and future is at stake, I believe a leader should temper his/her noble intentions with a sense of what’s right for the people. The law was created for a good reason, and bypassing it, and on crucial matters at that, is tantamount to rendering it non-existent.

    Is there any wonder our dear old Philippines is stuck in this mire? Sigh…

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