Chin’s poem.

This is one of my friend’s random emotional outburst. I love it! I don’t care if it didn’t rhyme or that it didn’t even have a title. Those literary bullshit didn’t not matter. The message ached with so much adoration and sincerity. And with that, it rocked me to the core.


Look at me with your soulful eyes
And I’ll give you a hug
Give me your sweet smile
And every waking day is heaven on earth
Touch my arm, hold my hand
And I’ll give you a kiss
Write your thoughts in a letter
And I’ll cry with my heart
Give me little surprises
And I would tell the world about it
Show me your fears
And I’ll take them away
Tell me your dreams
And I’ll make them come true
Give me your love
And I’ll die with it
..I love you..


about the picture: my random painting during a Math 17 overnighter cramming five years ago.

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