Cheap thrill.

Why is that it that the failures of others make me feel better? I do not mean to be insensitive and selfish. But somehow my insecurities always find its way to feeding at the downfalls of others. Knowing that I got the job at my first try only five months after my child delivery and without previous job experiences to make my resume attractive (and someone in particular did not), it made me feel so high. This is my way of validating that I am at the top of my game. Regardless of its virtue, it is slowly becoming my addiction.

Bad Sharon, baaad!!! 😛

One thought on “Cheap thrill.

  1. Sharon, I think you are over-analyzing your reactions. There is absolutely nothing wrong about basking in one’s own victories especially when someone else obviously had the upper hand to begin with and you managed to get ahead without employing deception. That simply means you have what it takes to win. It’s not like you went on a tribal odyssey and did the crazy dance and chant buck-naked on a midnight and sacrificed a bull to the deities of the primitive forests to conjure the failure, or to borrow your speak, the downfall of a rival. (Although, it would be an interesting sight. Hahahaha!) So feel good about your triumphs in life. You deserve it. Maybe the other didn’t. It’s as plain and simple as that. 😉

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