The high price of independence.


Once again I have been lying in my bed for 18 hours straight (I even  made a record of 24 hours!). My stomach have been screaming out loudly for food but my mind remains unwilling to set my legs moving toward the kitchen. It is always like this during my days off. I lie in bed until I get too weak too dizzy that i must get myself some food or else I will faint.

Independence is wonderful. I pay for my rent, shop for myself, and eventually get to save enough to build my own house. Other than this list is the unmentioned. I also pay by being starved often.

Mimaaaaang helllpp!!!


about the picture: full lunch in Mauritius

4 thoughts on “The high price of independence.

  1. And… with such bad eating habits, you’ll probably be paying for medical bills too. Hehehe! Eat right and stay healthy. It’s cost-effective, you know. 😉

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