My heart is smiling right now. We are about to roll out our new service in Business Class on the 1st of July and I love it! I do not like the working part (of course!) but I cannot help gushing about our new crockeries. We used to have Noritake china, with the fine bone china only used in First class and the regular china in Business class.

After the service changes, which are quite a lot, all of the crockeries will also be changed. Fine bone china will now be used for both Business class and First class cabins. Instead of Noritake, which is a century-old Japanese company that produces the best china in Japan, my company commissioned Royal Doulton, a British company that supplies crockeries for the Royal Family of England, to supply crockeries that is exclusively for my company. The owner’s son, Henry Doulton, was the first potter to be knighted by Queen Victoria, He was officially granted the royal warrant (the right to use the title royal) by King Edward VII in 1901, the Royal Warrant is regarded as a mark of supreme excellence and quality.

Just a side note, bone china is made by mixing bone ash in the production of porcelain. Compared to other porcelain wares, bone china has the highest chip resistance, pure ivory whiteness and translucency. If you would hold a bone china against the light, you should be able to see the shadow of your fingers through the piece. Also, its high strength allows it to be produced in thinner cross-sections, thus, it is much lighter (felt like holding a plastic teacup in my hand) than other porcelain.

Here is my first set of bone china that I bought during Market Day in Nottinghill, England.I bought this I think around 10 to 15 Great Britain Pounds.


All these news makes me crave for more! Like a whole cupboard filled with these!

If only. I swear I’m gonna wear this hat every time I drink my tea. 🙂

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