It’s been a while.

It has been a very long time since I have kissed your sun…felt your sands…and tasted your water.

Mauritius dear, we need to talk. I just want to say I missed you.

Approaching the Isles of Mauritius.

My beach front room.

An attempt to keep resort staff from breaking into my room.

Very important tips to travelers:

1. Always put the DO NOT DISTURB sign outside your door, especially when you leave your room. Unless you are expecting housekeeping.

2. Always double lock your room.

3. Always place your valuables in your suitcase and lock them in.

4. Housekeepers at any hotel at any country at any continent always steal unattended stuff from guests.

This hall means food. Lots of them!

Taiwanese friend.

Ananchara Parisawan

My new sport—sucking at wakeboarding.

The poor dodo bird, which was found only in Mauritius, got extinct many years ago because its wings were too tiny to make it fly.

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