Something new.

Last Monday was a surprise. I have always thought I am good in geography, being one of my favorite subjects in high school. Then I flew with this woman who came from a place that I have never heard of—Eritrea. It was extremely embarrassing that I had to make her spell her country’s name just so I would get it. If anyone would have that same reaction when I say where I am from, I would still be flashing my smile, of course, but inside my head I would be saying “How stupid are you?” It is probably me missing out on the current events for a good six years now since MTV ruled my television choice of shows, but I swear, I have never ever ever heard that this kind of place existed in my entire life. Like what we always do when our boyfriends and girlfriends seem to extra fancy a new friend, I summoned Google. 🙂

Eritrea is a country in the Horn of Africa, with Asmara, meaning “Live in Peace”, as its capital. The country covers a major part of the Red Sea coastline so it had been attacked for so many times by the Brits, Italians, Ethiopians and other neighboring African countries. The people, called Eritreans, speak Tigrinya, Arabic, English and Italian due to the Italian invasion from 1890 to 1940. They look more like Ethiopians, African looking but with nice pointy noses, almond eyes, fairer skins and less curly hairs. Ethiopians, for me, by the way, are the most beautiful race of Africans. If the name also rings nothing but silence in your ears, history is part to blame. Eritrea only appeared in the maps as a country in 1993, after several years of foreign occupation and decades of armed struggle against Ethiopia.

I am not going to blog about history and boring stuff here, so that is good enough for this entry. If you intend to know more, you have to do your own homework. 😉

Time at a standstill in Eritrea.

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