One hell of a ride!

I was lucky to get to visit my cousin Raymund and his gorgeous family in Melbourne for 2011 New Year. Last New Year was spent with friends so it was okay. But New Years 2008-09 were spent somewhere with strangers then culminating the celebration in my room crying away the loneliness that killed me slowly. Story of my life.

Train ride from my hotel to my cousin’s flat.

This was my good companion for 30 minutes. I have read three more books by Chelsea Handler. She is really funny and good to read when you are trying to avoid depression: not that I am fighting it at the moment. Thanks to Hunny for uploading me 1,400 books into my iPad.

Little Enzo asleep in the car with candy syrup all over his mouth. What a cutiepie!

My cousin Raymund, little Enzo and  his lovely wife Katie.

New Year buffet at their flat with Katie’s sisters and husbands.

Thank you for the box of gourmet chocolates. I tried saving some for Hunny but I ended up devouring every single piece. Shame! Hahah!

Downtown Melbourne is always excellent to walk around in the afternoon. There’s a lot of good food (Mexican, Thai, Japanese and Korean) and street shows like break dancers, musicians, painters and more every 50 feet. It is probably one of my favorite feel-good cities—abundant sunshine and plenty of happy people.

Let’s fastforward to Auckland, New Zealand, about two and a hours from the city of Melbourne.

My favorite building in Auckland for its walls covered with green creepers.

Searching for food.

I had to take a photo with a local Kiwi guy—big arms and strong face. 🙂

Steamed mussels for dinner. Not bad at all!

On the way to go skydiving. We were all having butterflies! This is my Singaporean friend, Shu.

Honesty Store. These people down under are so cool!

Eric, my tandem diver.

Captured our plane’s shadow in the clouds below.

Can you spot the starfish?

I’m going crazy from adrenaline rush!

Couldn’t think of a better way to jumpstart my New Year. So I jumped off the aircraft, but not without my boots on. =)

My beautiful baby friend, Leila. She smells like milk and her skins feels like soft dough against my rough skin.

I just finished reading the book A THOUSAND SPLENDID SUNS and I was telling Leila’s mom that her name means midnight flower in Afghanistan.

For anyone with skydiving in their bucket list, go cross it out. It was pricey, at least 10, 000 Php  per jump, but of course it will be worth your money. The time spent in the aircraft waiting for your turn to jump was probably half of the whole fun. Hahhah! Then the 30 seconds of sitting at the plane’s edge was tough love indeed. You will never think your brain can process so many thoughts in milliseconds—the plane’s altitude, the fact the you will be jumping head first, the solid ground (LOL). You will even have the time to convince yourself that you are perfectly safe with two extra chutes in your pair’s backpack in case Plan A does not work out. And it is very safe. My tandem diver has jumped for over 20, 000 times and he is alive until now. Those people who died from skydiving must be extremely unlucky.

So that was one list off in my “things to do before I die.” Sharon is a happy bee.

What’s next? Open sea cage diving with the sharks in South Africa and getting high with the grandpapas in Tibet! Yeah!

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