If I were a student today, I would wake up and say “Yehey! Classes are suspended!” Being a regular student, by my own definition, a student who simply strive to graduate on time and prioritize blogging over studying Math 100 or reading anything class-related that exceeded two pages, class suspensions were probably one of my best days in college. And why not? When I close my eyes right now, I could still imagine the soft light around my room as daylight was strained by my pink curtains. There in the corner, I would be cuddling my soft pillows with a victory smile on my face and my music play list from my old school black desktop computer would be lulling me slowly and sweetly to dreamland. There would be few disruptions every now and then as my roommate cried and fought demons in her sleep (peace, Dardar 🙂 ).

Good life! Take me back there right now!

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