My sister’s lomo addiction.

*Photos taken during our visit in Dubai. It was springtime. Great weather. Dubai was simply perfect.

Pouting camel

Riding a camel was a little scary because of its height but so much fun. Just watch out when it is about to kneel down because it does so in a rush you might fell over if you are not careful.

The local women’s traditional outfit—the abaya. The women in abaya in Dubai are notably more fashionable than the rest of their Arab neighbors. They have a way of covering their head in an updo hairstyle, unlike in other Arab countries where they simply put the piece of cloth around their heads.

Gorgeous Arabic belly dancer from Morocco.

The only 7-star hotel in the world, the Burj Al Arab.

Sister Micky


The trip is not complete without posing with the camels.

Shukran, habibi/habibti!

*Habibi – means a beloved man in Arabic.

 Habibiti – means a beloved woman in Arabic.

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