Tomorrow’s destination.

I will be landing soon in Singapura, the land of the world famous chilli crab, and will soon get lost in an ocean of short shorts and micro mini sundresses. You have to go there and to see what I mean.

Thrift store shopping in China Town

Kristin Kreuk is advertising Indian Massage? Hahhah. Only in Singapore. Probably in India too.

Me in front of the Durian building a. k. a. the Esplanade. You should try that durian buffet dinner at Calton Hotel. I came back wanting more!

Beware, you might find the smell of the durian as repugnant. As bad as rotting flesh. But my nose loves it. Just the way I love the smell of a cushion. It’s hard to explain it because it actually sounds a little weird.

And of course, the good ole Merlion—half mermaid half big kitty cat.

Time for me to go packing.

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