Australian outback.

Since I have a lot of extra photo files about Australia, might as well post some more.

Got this update from my email home page.

KANGAROOS and EMUS cannot walk backwards. Interesting, isn’t it?

Here are photos taken at the late Sir Steve Irving’s (nicknamed the “Crocodile Hunter”) Australia Zoo in Brisbane.

A shy emu

A people-friendly kangaroo. They were so used to humans that you can lie beside them on the grass and they won’t care a thing.

The beloved Australian family.

The sweetest gentle giants, holding tails while being lead by their trainer to somewhere.

Koalas are as cute as a button but those cute claws are sharp enough to scratch my eyeballs from my sockets.

Aboriginal penis sheath, said to where the idea of vuvuzuela originated.

And the man tamed the beast.

Dinner. I just can’t get enough of Asian dishes!

Look what I found in the news that day! A cheerful shark trying to compete with the humans in tide-riding.

Ready to party with the “mates!”

Pole-dancing competition and male stripper on board!

Time to call it a night!

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