Short stay in Shanghai.

My legs were in heaven. A two-hour massage after touchdown was better than anything else. I had the Chinese massage, which personally, was better than my old favorite—the Thai massage. I stepped out of the spa with a back that was ten years younger. The only downside was that my masseuse was a man.

It was slightly raining outside, which made the lukewarm water and my masseuse’s warm touch to feel better. I paid only 150 yuan, which was around 15 USD.

This was the hotel’s reception decor where I was forced to stay for a long time because of its free lobby internet. From here, I could here the hotel band playing from the bar which had an all Filipino cast. They did not sound so good but they looked so pretty.

Early the next morning, I took a cab to the nearest park where the senior citizens worked out a sweat to keep fit. Some were dancing, other doing some martial arts that included theatrical flipping of the fan, some were deep into a trance of Tai Chi and a few 80-year olds were doing pull-ups and whatnots.

This grandma was performing Tai Chi for a good two hours. looking almost lost into the reverie of calmness amidst the blessing of the early sunshine, the sound effects of loud crickets and the soothing whispers of the breeze.

I just sat there and watched, trying to learn a thing of two of maintaining a peace of mind.

Most importantly, I found a friend in the form of a dashing young at heart. I did not understand any word that he said but that sweet smile compensated it.

I walked a little further from the park. I could not do it for too long though because the ground looked sticky and dirty. The bicycle was a very import means of transportation anywhere in China.

These are the view from my window at the 22nd floor.

P. S. You don’t have to know but the best quality of pirated dvds can be bought from Shanghai for 1 USD each.

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