Re-reading old letters.

I just realized that it is so funny reading your journals, especially regarding matters of the heart. As I was doing it a while ago, I found this blog so melancholic. I know, funny and melancholic are found at both ends of the mood spectrum. What I mean is that I found it funny that I was so melancholic then. Eck! Hahah! A woman in love is a stupid woman. How did I get so heartbroken in 2008?  That was over three years ago. Honestly, I do not even remember that exact moment of sadness. I remember why but the feeling seemed so foreign it was like a faded photograph with unrecognizable faces.

That is all behind me now. I am now a happy, fresh wife to a loving husband and a very proud mother to a very adorable boy of four years. And my wedding was a blissful one by the beach. Isn’t that photo lovely?

Will follow up with more photos soon.

P. S. I am glad to be back in this blog. I actually opened this again for the purpose of deactivating it. What was I thinking? My first trolly-dolly entry is recorded here. That means this blog is at least four years old. Hello again, blog loving. 🙂

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