I am back to wordpress!

I can no longer follow the number of years that has passed since I last wrote an entry here. And I am so overwhelmed that people actually cared enough to leave their imprints on my blog site. I stopped blogging in wordpress because I thought my entries are insipid and uninspiring. Multiply is too elaborate to compare it to anything else after residing there for six years. I still love my multiply and it will always be my first love and the greatest too. But entering a post there takes too much of my time. I have to re-size my photos first, then download them in my photobucket, arrange them to stay in the center and so on and so forth. I experimented with tumblr too. But with the lack of access to leave comments, I soon gave up. Also, tumblr people  are easily satisfied with posting one photo that has been re-blogged for a million times from other sites. There must be more to blogging that re-blogging a photo. So here I am again, picking up what’s left of this blog. I hope to find home here.

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