This was probably my 2nd flight to Shanghai, but my nth time to China. Shanghai, being China’s largest and most developed city, one would consider doing in China are going to clubs (rumor has it that nightlife in Shanghai is INSANE!!!) and restaurants (the variety of Chinese cuisine is mind-blowing), visiting the skyscrapers and, of course, trying the experience that high technology has to offer such as getting on the bullet train a.k.a. the MagLev train. This trip turned out to be a little detour.

Upon touchdown, massage was the first thing on my mind. It was the best massage I had in my lifetime. when the massage was over, I could not even feel my back. The stress was gone completely. I paid only 150 yuan for a two-hour oil foot massage and dry full body massage, an equivalent to 15 USD only.

The slight rain outside and the warm rose water in my feet did calm my nerves a lot.

Before heading back to the hotel, we had a light Chinese dinner in a restaurant somewhere and bought ten DVDs from the shop. It lasted me one whole month, just in time to get a memory disk loaded with films and tv series from my husband.

From my last visit, I did a little bit of city tour. It was not enough but I was good. This second time around, I went to the parks to watch the old people perform Tai Chi. Tai Chi is a soft Chinese martial arts that is primarily a form of “meditation in motion.” A person who has mastered Tai Chi is said to be at least three decades physically younger than his actual age.

I felt very giddy when I saw a big group of people doing dances, exercises and meditation by a small corner in the park. Some even had props like fans and swords, and flipped them in the air with precise movements and gestures. I also saw an 80-year old grandpa doing ten pull ups from a pole in the middle. So I sat there, patiently watching these people go through their simple daily rituals of achieving a balanced mind and body. Two hours later, this grandmother that seemed to be at least 70 years old, was still deep into her meditation in motion whilst performing Tai Chi. The whole time, I did not see her pause at all. She was standing and dancing slowly, her eyes were half closed. I was not sure if she was squinting from the sun’s rays or if she was in a meditation high. If it were me, my hand would have felt strained from being waved in the air for a couple of hours. But she looked as relaxed as the lazy early morning sun. Only the crickets who were making loud mating noises seemed to be stressed out in that area.

The best part was, I made a friend before heading home. They were all very friendly even when we did not understand each other.

I walked for about two blocks from the park and tried to check out the neighborhood. Getting a cab proved to be a challenge. A driver in a motorcycle looked like the more popular option of getting around.

These were the view from my window from the 22nd floor.

Two years ago during my first visit, I had a little shopping from the big underground market of Shanghai. A lot of things can be bought at a very cheap price if one is aggressive enough to haggle with the vendors. I have decided a long time ago that I do not like buying from markets. The product quality is usually as dubious as its cheap price.

The Filipina singers at the hotel bar.

Second round of breakfast.

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