The most expensive city in the world.

Luanda is the capital city of Angola, a country in the south-central Africa bordered by Namibia and Congo. It is also known as the most expensive city in the world for expatriates for two or three consecutive years now. Not that it is a very developed and overpopulated city like Tokyo or New York, but mostly because almost all of its processed products are imported from Portugal. They speak Portugese and Chinese people flocked in there by truckloads because of all the construction going on. I was told by a passenger that many of these Chinese construction workers were straight from prison and sent by the government to work overseas so they could earn a decent income. That was only a rumor with no other basis.

I bought this ice cream stick (outside of the hotel) for 5 USD. A can of coke is 7-10 USD.

Check out the hotel menu. This was a lot cheaper than the previous hotel that we stayed in.

Our hotel was a five-star so everything was excellent, except for the food maybe. If you order a steak, it would come in plate with nothing else. No veggies, no mashed potato, totally nothing.

The rooms were nothing fancy but I was impressed by its attention to details. I had these flowers in my bathroom, our bags were whisked away the moment we stepped out of the transportation. We did not even need to give them our room numbers. The staff knew what to do. The television had all the important channels, the gym had free aerobic training sessions with an instructor, and the interior decor was tasteful.

Sky-high ceiling and spacious reception area.

Twin beds for one.

Must-have in the shower–waterfall shower.

My undying love for large floor mirrors with wooden frames.

Of course, my grocery in my suitcase because I was not willing to pay 7 USD for a can of coke or 30 USD for a simple salad.

My visitor for the night. We tortured ourselves with watching a horror flick after an intense leg and abs workout. Meet Miss Avantika Mohan.

Even after my unfortunate trip to the police station the last time I was in Luanda (That was for taking photos at the street peddlers with cute babies behind their back without permission. It was not even illegal. The traffic enforcer, not even a real policeman, was obviously trying to extort money from me because I looked like a stupid tourist that was easy to harass. I was lucky to have a Portugese speaker with me at that time who was able to talked us out of a hefty fine or jail time, after explaining for an hour.), I decided to explore the city a little bit more.

My Malaysian and Serbian colleague after a big breakfast.

We had to take a boat from the port area to one of the nearby islands. It cost us 12 USD each for a round trip.

Heading to the island of Mussulo.

The island was not very developed and seemed like a residential area. It was okay. The people were nice.

These three boys were catching fish for lunch.

Tsing Tao beer brought all the way from China.

Most of the lovely beach houses were owned by Portugese people.

Hubby, which of these pair of legs are mine? Choose carefully!

A band of chihuahua guard dogs.

Very friendly local girls.

The photoshoot that gave me severe rashes. I had no idea what lived in that old boat that kept me up all night with a stinging feeling all over my back thighs.

Back in the old days when food was all-inclusive and sky was the limit for alcohol consumption. Crew always had a great time for three days and three nights.

The captain showing off his yoga skills.

The Asian mafia.

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