Life is a beach…Life is a party!!!

…Cheers to the freakin’weekend…let’s drink to that…AMEN!

I am not a party girl. Really! But whatever! My hormones are always mental right before Ramadan.

Part 1. Met up with my old Bisaya friends. Darlene, an expectant mother, was corny no longer. Sex really does magic on people. A year ago she was a freaking frigid bookworm with a well-preserved hymen. This time, she left me speechless with all her sex stories. On the other hand, Jose Guillain was embracing the title Inday to the fullest. We spent an insane night at the dancefloor. Ritch Concha would be so jealous! Inday, do you want to do it again?

This was JG wearing makeup. He was my latest male victim. I have this habit of making men do silly things like wearing makeup, plucking their eyebrows, buffing their nails to make them shiny and applying night creams before they go to sleep. šŸ˜€

Having coffee at Starbucks while waiting for my cousin Lea Yo.


First time to party in Republiq.

Back at Crowne Plaza with Mommy Dardar.

The pseudo-husband, JG. He is doing really great at it. I bet he will be inside the operating room with her to deliver the baby.

Little Red Riding Mommy Dar

Dra. Dardar showing off her killer skill that got husband hooked. šŸ˜‰ Dardar, don’t you ever apologize again when you know what. Love, Samantha Jones.

Part 2: Beach with Pau at Jumeira Beach Resort, Dubai. The darker, the better! I am talking about our skin tone. It was probably 38-40 degrees celcius outside. It was as hot as it could get. All for the love of tanning! After one hour getting toasted, I almost fainted.

Part 3: The Final Chapter

The ever dependable DJ Andrew invited us over for a Ramadan closing party. Partied with the girls and my neighbor Jefferson who just quit the job to go back home. You shall be missed, old friend. Thank you Bonchon for sponsoring our after-party midnight snack.

My humble bedroom.

Preparation. Couldn’t decide which pair to wear so I wore both.

Ninong Jeff

Ready to go!

The gang warming up.

I hardly go clubbing, but when I do, I have fun!

After-party at Bonchon for free. This has got to be my favority fried chicken in the whole wide world.

Post-its on the wall.

The party people: Jeff, Michelle and Ryan.

DJ Andrew and Denise


See you again in the next blue moon.

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