Four long, fun-filled years.

If a colleague of mine had not posted it in her Facebook wall, I would have not remembered it. Today marks the fourth year of my stay in Dubai. I quickly look again at my first day photos. It was still all so fresh to me: the butterflies in my stomach from too much excitement, the smell of my new uniform, and the friendly exchange of smiles to the new recruits in the room. This job is truly a wonderful adventure to me. It offered a lot of opportunities that I would have only dreamed if I stayed back home. This was the dream job of my mother. It was sort of the dream job of mine too (second only to becoming a lawyer).  However so attractive this job opportunity to me, it was also a major sacrifice on my part. I had to leave my child at a vulnerable age of nine months, which was the most painful experience for any mother. But four years later I have also realized that it was worth it. I learned a lot as a young woman, I grew significantly as a mother, and I achieved many of my goals as an individual. For what it was worth, I came out stronger in the end.

In another four years from now, I might be posting my last day as a flight attendant. It may be too early to tell right now, but I am damn sure it will be worth it. 🙂

For now, April, Kristine, Angeli and Katrina, cheers to those years of being fabulous!

En route to Dubai.

At the Dubai International Airport (DXB).

First trial with THE red hat.

With April, woke up early for our first day.

First day of training. It was mostly an orientation about our new environment.

Caught with a new friend at the bus. With Kristine and a colleague from Egypt.

The training college and the aircraft building in the background.

Training for ditching! With Tandile, Ryhan, Ryan and Agnieszka.

Training room for the service.

Our new residence, after a long day’s work.


A Moscow-themed room for pre-flight briefing.

I will never stop gushing about the global photographs all over the headquarters, especially the aerial photos which I do not have  a copy of.

My first flight at the cockpit jumpseat. Ready for takeoff!

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