Look at my take-home goodies from Jakarta:

Royce Chocolate, simply the best premium chocolate in this whole wide world. I placed it on my bed (because that is where I work with my laptop) and it did not even last for 20 minutes. It felt like velvet on my tongue, melted in my mouth within seconds and quickly vanished like a dream without ever reaching the back of my throat.  It was that sophisticated. Crafted exclusively for the pleasure of the discriminating  taste buds.

My new favorite bag which my husband bought all the way from the Philippines. Let us call her Chuva. So sexy in red and leather.

My Vaio notebook fits perfectly.

It looks great in any casual outfit. No need to accessorize as Chuva is more than enough.

She makes a lovely companion on lonely coffee dates too.

An external hard disk filled with foreign movies, Filipino movies, Korean movies, American TV series, songs for my iPhone and the one million and one hi-res photos during our wedding.

Not in the photos: 3 months supply of shampoo and conditioner sachets for my toiletries kit when traveling. They are way much easier to carry than the bottles.

Left at the airport (not allowed for hand-carry baggage) 2 bottles of Kaya toast spread (a Malay style spread made with coconut and duck egg, flavored by pandan leaves and sweetened with sugar) and Ludy’s peanut butter. I like my peanut butter sweet, not salty like White skinned style.

And the best parting gift without a doubt, my husband’s dirty underwear. 😉

Hahahhah! It is not what you are thinking. He let me bring his dirty clothes to lessen his baggage when he will fly to Dubai for good later next month. I have not reached that level of perversion…yet. 😀

It goes without saying, my husband is capital A-mazing.


A lake outside our window.

Two small single beds for both of us. Just perfect for romantic spooning.

Second round of our dinner buffet.

His first round into the dinner buffet. He bought that new shirt just for this reunion.

The creepy hallway by the guest rooms area. Many colleagues are unable to have a sound sleep in this hotel because they believe it is haunted by unfriendly ghosts and other strange creatures. I was guilty in my first few stays here. I was very glad to have Ricardo with me.

The day after. My first photo with Chuva.

The hotel was very relaxing, peaceful and quiet. The design was similar to a sprawling ancestral mansion facing a private lake. The weather was very conducive to sleeping all day.

Another buffet for breakfast. I could never have enough of Asian food!

Our breakfast bill: 166, 980 rupiahs only. Fun fact: Indonesia has the smallest currency in the world. I have that coin somewhere in my room but I have not taken a photo of it and too lazy to look for it right now.

Room service for lunch. It was about time to skip the buffet.

My usual favorite when in Jakarta–the Nasi Goreng. It is a local dish which is comprised of Indonesian fried rice, prawns, chicken satay in skewers,egg, crackers, beef floss and chilli accompaniments.

Soft-centered chocolate cake with vanilla ice cream for dessert.

Modelling my husband’s new pair of Jokeley sunglasses.

His turn.

See you next month, Hunnybunny.

Don’t miss me too much. 😉

2 thoughts on “Jakarta.

  1. Next time, buy some Beng Beng chocolate (in red wrapper) and Silverqueen chocolate (in yellow wrapper) when you go to Jakarta again. Yum!

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