My crib.

This has been my crib for the last four years in Dubai. The location could not get any better than this. 90%  of Dubai’s skyscrapers are erected along this street. The Emirates Twin Towers are to my right, the Dubai International Financial center behind, clubs right across the street, my bank is in my building’s basement, free dry cleaning by my company is also at the basement, my grocery is just a phone call away with free delivery, a man-made waterfall is five minutes away and the metro station is found at my doorstep.  And if you feel like walking for twenty minutes, that is how far away is the Dubai Mall which is only the world’s biggest shopping mall. I used to have the view of the Burj Khalifa when I moved in but the new building beside ours never stopped growing a floor and right now it has left us nothing but a cool giant shade.

This is going to be history very soon. By the end of October, I will be moving to a new address…with my husband. 🙂

My building is the one with the pineapple crowns.

The metro station that looks like a bug. Its beetle-like shape makes cleaning a lot easier, especially in a place that where sandstorm is a true story.

The small box-like building behind our tower is the Financial Center.

The shape is hard to make out but the tallest building in the background is the Burj Khalifa.

The Emirates Twin Towers from the poolside.

Rows of skyscrapers in the neighborhood.

The man-made waterfall.

The big aquarium at the Dubai Mall.

All this and more, I am not going to miss. I will be moving out next month with my husband to a new accommodation, which is probably going to be so far-flung in the desert that we could have free camel petting every morning. The farther from the city, the cheaper is the rent. Dubai is not that big really. It is about as big as Subic so these desert areas will not be so bad. 🙂

If I may steal one of the lines from the new Pan-Am televsion series, “adventure calls.” 😉

Ric’s adventure with a lady camel in Dubai during his visit.

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