The woman across the room.

I just came across this photo that a took of a colleague of mine. She was a very stunning Romanian girl with clear, smooth skin and pretty bone structure. I kept pointing my camera at her and complimented her about her beautiful face. She got a little conscious and told me she was not that beautiful and she actually wished she looked as good as I do.

I was so surprised. I could not believe it. For me, I felt like I would vanish in the background if I would sit next to her, and here she was, telling me her insecurities when with me.

Diane Von Furstenberg nailed it when she said, “You see the woman across the room, you think, she’s so poised, she’s so together. But she also looks at you and you are the woman across the room for her.”

We are all amazing. We just have to believe that we are.

I met her again in Singapore. She was as lovely and still very kind.

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