The preparation.

Our coin holder was a wooden jewelry box with brass inlays that I bought from Bangladesh. The Eiffel Tower topper I bought from Paris.

One of many quirky buttonnieres.

Our wedding guest book

The cord made by my sister and Maid of Honor, Micky.

The very cuddly ring pillow, bought from my trip to the Hershey store in Times Square, New York.

The ladies in action.

I did my own makeup because I am better than the makeup artist that I hired.

My unofficial Maid of Honor, Rose Az.

My lovely Bride's Maid who flew in from Singapore just to attend my wedding, Architect Raissa Gallemit.

My husband's bestfriend, April Veranga.

My husband's sister, Lan-lan was also my Maid of Honor.

I did my sister's hair and makeup.

Sexylittlebride wedding garter from Victoria's Secret.

My mother who was my stress absorber for the day.

One of my Sponsors, my cousin Marivic Pardillada.

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