Weekend in Singapore.

Location: Singapore, Singapore

Date: October 16, 2011

It was another relaxing weekend in Singapore with my husband. I have been there a lot of times so I no longer go there for sight-seeing. I am content with just enjoying the amenities that the city has to offer namely great food, first class cinemas, fabulous shopping and so much more.

I arrived at the hotel with this.

Naturally, I took the opportunity to wear my shortest skirts and shorts.  In the part of the world where I live, I have to cover myself from head to toe because the crowd tend to palpitate in the presence of legs and other skin parts. I was not very sure if I was surprised but for sure I was flattered to find myself  modestly dressed in this highly fashionable city of Singapore (considered 8th most fashionable city on Earth). Some of the girls I saw looked like they forgot to wear their bottoms. I saw quite a few flashes of eye bags of the butt around the metro. The good part was that no matter how short is the dress you wear, blending in with the crowd is still very easy. Singaporeans are very civilized but not too liberal to shock anyone like what happened to me in French Riviera where mothers went topless in front of their teenage boys.

Walking around the city was very pleasant. The weather couldn’t be any better. Usually, the weather in Singapore is very humid, but that day, it was warm but windy, friendly enough to allow me to keep my makeup in place. For that, I was happy. 🙂

Pretty buildings were everywhere just like this colorful government building along Hill Street.

If the buildings are not quirky like the above photo or elegant  like the Raffles Hotel, they are very modern like the photo below. Those three buildings that are connected together is the Marina Bay Sands. It is undoubtedly the most famous hotel in Singapore. It is also billed as the world’s most expensive standalone casino property at 8 billion USD. Ric and I have always been planning on staying there for a night or two someday. Lying under the sun by the poolside of that rooftop sounds awesome.

We used to have this ritual of having our heavy meal of the day with that ever present Mantou bread dipped in rich Chilli Crab sauce (so yummy!) at No Signboard Seafood Restaurant, which is our unofficial favorite restaurant. Since Jumbo Seafood Restaurant was around the corner, we decided to try something very similar but different. Ric’s cousin, Donald, joined us for an exciting 4-course lunch.

At the end of our lunch, we made a very difficult verdict. While No Signboard remained our favorite, the dessert in Jumbo was delish! The three of us finished the Mango pudding within seconds.

After lunch, it was time for a surreal entertainment. We watched Real Steel while sprawled like cats on La-Z-boy seats with dine-on-demand service upon the press of a call bell. How cool! There was even an exclusive lounge with its own bar and restaurant and with comfortable couch equipped with magazines by the waiting area. Hunny, your Bunny is so getting used to this!

By the way, you too watch Real Steel in the big screen of you don’t want to be a sore loser. It was that good!

The movie was much better with flat beds! Just look at that happy face!

And what is a Mall day without shopping?  😉

Thanks babe for my third fourth new earphones that came with a new iPod. I promise to remember the place where I leave them. Most of all, I promise not to leave them behind.

Welcome to my shoes drawer, sexy lady! I bought the same shoes with the same color for my dear friend, Rosita. Advanced Merry Christmas, my dear. You know I love you.

Later on, Ric’s bestfriend, Juanito, joined us for dinner at Pepper Lunch.

Once again, it was time to go. Hunny, you know the drill. No goodbyes. Just see you again.

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