Getting old?

I remember three years ago when I was never too tired to get out and explore the city no matter how long the flight was. I braved out the cold, risked going out alone, stayed awake for more than 30 hours—all for the sake of sight-seeing. My energy was inexhaustible. Passion, obsession almost, was firing up in every veins of my being just like a little child in a heavy sugar rush. Everything  little thing excited me. The buildings, the metro stations, the trees—you name it! Now, I still feel the excitement. But half of the time, I just wanna have a nice dinner with the crew and roll in the fresh sheets of my hotel bed for the rest of the day.

It is so wrong to feel that way at the age of 26. What will happen when I get 30? Tsktsk.


I had Italian dinner with colleagues from Egypt and Lebanon in Milan. The restaurant looked so tiny from the outside but it led to a much bigger room in the basement that was filled with all kinds of wine bottles. Of course, I had pasta and coke slim in a really cute can.

The girls

We had to run back to the hotel because it was raining.

Another up close photo sessions before a very long, nice bath.

Entebbe, Uganda

This country has the laziest weather in the whole wide world. It feels like the tropics on an eternal cloudy day. It is just impossible for me to get active whenever I am in this country. We were surrounded by plants and trees everywhere. There was even a whole garden filled with mango trees. Having dinner was a little bit more romantic with a background of noisy frogs making all those mating calls in a nearby pond. The restaurant was quite a long walk from the guest rooms. While making my way to my dinner, I ran across this snail slowly trying to cross to  the side of the road. Three hours later after my dinner, it still had a quarter of the road to go. I wanted to help the poor creature but it looked to funny and I was feeling a little evil. Hehehe.

My lovely bed. 🙂

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