Dubai in a glance.

These photos are a re-post from the Facebook group TDKK (You are from Dubai if…). Just want to share something fun. Hope these will make you smile.

P. S. Credits belong to Jimbo Cayetano and Chris Calumberan.

You are from Dubai if:

If you see straight men hold hands and kiss in public.

If cleaning your windows is your hobby.

If you like to take your pets for a ride.

A newspaper headline last year was a cheetah walking around in Sharjah area.

If you just love valet parking.

If you often see a disoriented peacock crossing the street.

If you are good in parking your vehicle.

If you have seen the tallest building being transformed into a giant Christmas tree.

If you wait patiently for the perfect lightning.

If your car is always dusty.

An abandoned Ferrari Enzo. It's now in a police impound, likely to be auctioned off. The car, however, might be severely damaged because of the heat. Only 399 Enzos were officially sold to the public worldwide

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