Love for Boots!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE boots! Leather boots, Uggs, thigh-high boots, riding boots, hiking boots, stiletto boots…all of them! I can get never have enough love for boots. They are so much fun! I bought 8 pairs in four years. Only 3 pairs of them I really use. I still love to have them even if I cannot wear them for practicality reasons because, again, they look pretty on my shoe shelves.

I saw these Doc Martens 1460 patent boots while shopping in Singapore. It was an instant love affair. Unfortunately, they do not have it in my size. I will definitely go back in my next Singapore flight and force one of their available sizes on my feet if I have to.

Price around 3, 500 Php.

How to wear them:

Boots are so easy to wear. You can wear them with skirts, shorts or dresses. They add these instant rock and roll flavor to any outfit. A little caution to those with thick calves. Boots make them thicker.

Photos grabbed from somwhere in the net.

Hi-cut boots have a mind of their own so they look best when the rest of the outfit is minimal like plain shirts and bottoms.

The photo with the painting is grabbed from

Imagine this very feminine outfit with boots instead of those heels. Super hot!

H&M boots for my hubby. He loves them.

Men in boots are  just love! Jude Law, most especially.

Some more… 🙂

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