Real blogging is still alive!

If you were to make a map of the top 1, 000, 000 websites in the world basing on the number of their internet users, this is how it is going to look like . Each favicon was sized to represent their overall popularity. This was as of  last year. Couldn’t find the latest nmap for this year.

The world’s top million websites were scanned, which resulted to a total of  288, 945 favicons into a color-matched image.

As you can see, the WordPress favicon is  comfortably visible along with yahoo, Youtube, Facebook and Ebay. WordPress bloggers make up an impressive 8.7% of all internet users. If we base the estimation of 1.8 billion people that has internet access worldwide, 8.7% is equivalent to 156 million people. That is an astounding accomplishment for any website. In my four years in WordPress, I have less than 10 people in my network. Now how do I connect to the 156 million out there?

*information gathered from

2 thoughts on “Real blogging is still alive!

  1. This is a good post. I made favicon of my own website and found its importance when it appeared with the url. Favicon is an ignition for a website. Creating and designing it requires hard work.

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