Flying First Class

These are a few photos that I captured of Medina…while seating in First Class. 😀

It was my first time ever to sit in First Class as a passenger. Our flight from Medina to Dubai was an extra flight to take the customers on their way to a Hajj pilgrimage so on the way back to Dubai we had no passengers on board at all. That was good but what was even better was that I operated as an A position (which on our jargon means I do not have a door to operate). No door to operate means I have the luxury in the world to sleep all the way to Dubai. I was paid full the whole time too.

I can honestly say that Business class seats are crap. You cannot even compare the difference of Business class to First class seats in terms of comfort. First class seats felt better than than the Lazy boy seats in the cinema. Oh yeah. I slept like a sweet baby.

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