Destination: The most livable city in the world.

On the 8th of July this year, I landed my wandering feet in the land of milk and chocolates—Zurich, Switzerland. Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland, also often referred to as the portal to the Alps, which I sadly have not explored. Also, they speak both German and French.

My arrival into Zurich Internation Airport.

Took the metro from the airport to downtown area.

Reaching downtown. Just walking around to see what was there worth seeing.

Flags of different nations emphasized its neutral stand in politics and economics.

Came across a giant iPhone.

Some interesting embossed designs on the wall. Not as detailed as the ones in Italy, of course.

We walked for around 30 minutes before we caught a glimpse of the Zurich river. These lovely swans got me too excited I probably broke a city rule by jumping over the locked fence to get to this little boat that was tied by the side of the bridge.

Free clean water for drinking flows abundantly all around Zurich.

Going up to Augustinergasse. Augustinergasse is a street and tram stop that used to be the home of the medieval artisans in the Middle  Ages. They used to compete with each other of who got the best facade. At present, the highlights of city tours include the numerous carved wooden windows of these colorful houses.

One of the oldest houses in the Old Town.

The colorful facades.

My Serbian tour buddies, Nicola and Nicola.

That’s the Limmat River down there. It flows out from the Zurich River.

One suggestion of to do list in Zurich is to buy yourself a Swiss watch.

Further into the Old Town

Found the St. Peter Church. The church’s tower has the largest clock face in the entire Europe.

One sure thing I love about Europe—its narrow streets and alleys!

The Grossmunster, a monastery church, is probably the most famous landmark in Zurich. At its southern tower, Charlemagne is proudly sitting on the ledge.

The Limmat River at Zurich.

Swan sanctuary

I found a group of three Filipinas, who also spoke Visayan, to take my photo with the unmindful swans. 🙂

A hopeful letter to the universe.

An additional vandal bearing my sister’s name, Micky. 🙂

Flying to Zurich again. The sunset was insanely beautiful. I saw another airplane flying alongside us.

It was flying too fast.

Another landing at Zurich International.

My tiny but very cozy room.

I opened my curtains and was greeted by a pleasant view of raindrops on my window. It was a very calming feeling that reminded me of good memories.

The creepy emergency hotline number.

They made up for it by having smileys everywhere.

It was time to see the countryside. Thanks to the hotel for giving us free use of the bikes.

I had my two Indian colleagues as my biking buddies.

Playing around in the cornfield.

Pit stop.

The haystack memories weren’t as romantic as they looked. I earned itches after this photo shoot.

I particularly love this shot that I took of Bina Chohan.

Now, time to explore the woods.

Posed with the cows. Lesson of the day: That flimsy fence around the cows that looked like a thread? It was armed with harmless, but nonetheless, annoying static electricity.

How joyful! This was my first encounter with a llama. I received kisses…and spits too.

So, why do llamas spit? Llamas spitting at humans is a rare occurrence, yet, we got it a lot that day. Tsktsk. They spit at humans when they get annoyed. They spit at each other to form hierarchy.

My ears were so red from the cold.

This pair just could not have enough photos.

Finally found some friendly hikers to take a photo of the three of us together.

Swiss people are so nice, so unlike the French in Nice.

Got attacked by the menacing bull at the hotel's driveway.

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