Having seen more beautiful places than usual, I am not the one to be easily wowed by a tourist spot. But this I will have to say, my country may embarrass me with its corrupt government, infamous airport, cringeworthy films and pish and beep accent (Let’s face it, guys.), I am more than proud with its natural landscapes that are made to take your breath away. They can place us side by side with South Africa, and I have full faith that we can still put up a darn good fight.

Ten days before my birthday last year, I did an unplanned trip to Mt. Pinatubo’s crater. The jump off point was close to my husband’s (then boyfriend) house in Tarlac so going there went on very smoothly. Thanks to the Sibal family for accommodating us at Tres Marias for free, especially to Tita Ves for talking to his Mayor friend so we could get the tour for free again!

Early morning at Tres Maria. That woman is not a morning person.

Morning at Tres Marias


Breakfast at McDonald's.




























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