After all those exhausting days and nights of house shopping and furniture (window) shopping, we both deserved a damn break. From the moment we saw the trailer of The Immortals while watching Ben Stiller’s the Tower Heist, we swore to watch it on big screen. We were going to watch from the Platinum Seats, the one with the La-Z-boy and dine on demand by the press of a call bell from you seat, but it was way too expensive. It was more than twice the price we got charged in Singapore. So we sighed and booked a ticket for the mere mortals’ seats.

If you must know, the story line was a blasphemy to the official history of Greek Mythology. The gods showed their true form to humans without killing them in the process. The rest of the gods, for example, Hera, was missing in action. The outfits were so different. Zeus thunderbolt was never seen. Instead, he wielded a long chain and a boomerang. Theseus was fathered by Zeus (in the movie) instead of Aegeus and Poseidon (in the real Greek of Mythology). It was like the movie was a totally different story created for the sole purpose of entertainment and for the convenience of the scriptwriters not having to deal with historical restrictions. The offense is a long list so I don’t even want to go there. See it for yourself.

But after that tiny compromise, all you ever need to know is, the abs were very distracting. šŸ™‚

Henry Cavvil’s alpha male character–those good boy looks and mad dog rage will drive you crazy.

Kellan Lutz, as Poseidon.

The feisty, panty-flashing Goddess, Athena, also my husband’s favorite in the movie.

Freida Pinto as the Oracle who looks like my ex-flatmate Sonia from India.









Next in line for our movie dates:



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