Salvador Dali.

I like Salvador Dali so much that I bought this clock from Venice that is inspired by Dali’s melting clock. It cost me 85 euros and it did not even give the proper time. Right now, it totally stopped working. It was another impulse buying on my part, but I seem to be very vulnerable to unique pieces.

Then one fateful day, it felt like the whole universe had conspired to make me smile when I saw a few of Dali’s masterpieces on display at the Dubai Mall. And it was for free!!! They were just sitting there in the middle of the shopping mall like unassuming pretty sculptures. Most shoppers hardly stopped by for a closer inspection. In fact, I was the only one who bothered. When I had my picture taken with an obvious excitement, passersby looked at me with wondering eyes. But I knew it right there and then. My heart jumped with pure joy. And I knew what I gotta do. I left my fingerprints all over Dali’s work. 🙂

Dali is no Leonardo Da Vinci so I cannot blame most people. I can only thank my mother and father for the hardbound 20-volume collection of Book of Knowledge and another set of 20-volume strong Encyclopedia in the house for us to read when we were kids. I may not be a wiz in Math or that well-versed in English, but I know just a little bit of everything. Everything. 🙂

Two of the three pieces in Dali’s The Three Dancing Watches sculptures:

Dance of Time II in bronze

Dance of Time III in bronze

This is Salvador Dali’s most famous painting, the Persistence of Memory. This painting is said to employ “the exactitude of realist painting techniques” to depict imagery more likely to be found in dreams than in waking consciousness.

photo from Wikipedia

As you can see, Dali loved making art pieces with reference to time. For Dali, the ever-present fluidity of time is not only moving, but dancing in rhythm to the beat of the universe. Universal time knows no limits; it must be remembered that time, as we understand it, is a human notion. Instead, Dalínian time is perpetual and ‘dances on’ stopping for no man, history or even the cosmos.

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