Singapore rocks!

I swapped my lousy P**** flight for a Singapore for the sake of some old friends. These friends, by the way, never showed up, not even their freakin’ shadows said hi to me, during the entire time that I was in Singapore. Thank you very much. Anyhow, I still had fun. Truckloads of fun, in fact.

I called my ever reliable and super amazing friend Rose at 1 in the morning to meet up with me for a drink or two. Thirty minutes later, she showed up, headache and all. How can I not love you, girlfriend?

Headed to Chimes Bar, which was right across our hotel. Very convenient, wasn’t it? An all-Filipino live band was playing and they were wonderful. They really knew how to keep the energy going with the multi-racial crowd. I knew I was having fun because I looked like an idiot in the dance floor.

Free flaming Lamborghinis for the ladies, of course!

Two hours and few shots later…

Not drunk. Just having fun!

the towering Christmas Tree at Raffles City

The bar had to close but our eyes remained wide open. We walked around to find any store that was open and we ended up at McDonald’s. Just like old times, we shared secrets over ice cream.

Rousy after talking about matters of the heart, what else? Same old same old, dear?

One day down, another one to go. Finally, we went to bed by 6 am-ish. By 8 am, Rousy harassed me to get my ass off the bed and look for breakfast because she could not afford to get late for work. Geez!!! So uncool, Rose.

We walked around for a good 20 minutes just looking for that cheap restaurant that served good food. It was invisible during the day. No wonder, they only opened at 5 pm to 3 am. Hahah!

Kaya toast, my all-time Singaporean breakfast favorite.

Second freebie: Thai lunch courtesy of cousin Donald. Also, thank you for bringing that gigantic umbrella of yours. It saved my outfit big time from the roaring rain.

My big brother’s high school classmate saved me from having dinner by myself. Thank you Ate Grace. Her starry-eyed admirer, drunk from so much love for Grace, treated us to a sea food dinner buffet at the basement of Raffles City. That was some buffet! We were swimming in an ocean of food. The amount of food was simply outrageous. It reminded me of the hotel buffet in Vegas. You would never guess millions are starving in other parts of the world. I usually take tiny bits per food when I am having a buffet, but midway, I had to stop. It was like the food casseroles kept going on and on and on and on and on and on…I had to have the stomach of a cow to keep up.

This was my third freebie in one layover. I should hang out with you girls more often.

The plate at the top was Ate Grace's friend's plate. The bottom was mine.

Grace and I

Thank you so much ladies for making my night and day.


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