This is me, commuting via train to get home after a long day’s work, when I should have been rocking in a Coldplay’s year-ender concert in Abu Dhabi with my husband. My heart is really bleeding to death right now. Ugh!

At the Dubai Metro with Jennifer, a colleague of mine.

Taking the company bus to the crew accommodation would be taking a huge risk of getting stuck in the traffic jam amidst all the spectators for the fireworks show in Burj Khalifa. True enough, the long line of cars along Sheik Zayed Road were on a standstill. Lucky for us, we got home 40 minutes later.

Right now, I am in front of my laptop, saying hello to 2012 with an entry in my blog, my Christmas macaroni salad leftover on top of my side table, MTV blaring on the tele and all lights on to attract positivity.

10 minutes later…

I am so sleepy my eyelids feel like a ton each. I will clean the house tomorrow…

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