The pseudo-husband.

I made a flight to Houston and met up with this friend of mine who did the same flight a day earlier. When the crew arrived at the Hilton, he was there waiting for me at the lobby and carried my bags for me. The crew found it really sweet but when I introduced him as my husband just for the fun of it, no one believed me. Hahah. Oh well, I tried. 🙂

Moving on, he is one hell of a special friend who has energy like a nuclear power plant. He loves to sing. He loves to dance. He loves to host. He loves to be a celebrity. There is never a boring moment when he is around. 🙂 Thank you for the company when my husband was not yet in Dubai.

Meet David Cator.


Dinner at Cheese Factory and we met this lovely Vietnamese couple. Marriage should be like what they have. They have been married for over 20 years and yet they still find time to dress up, look dapper and pretty for a dinner date. They did not have those married couple bellies either so that was really nice.

P. S. For those who are still planning to eat at Cheesecake Factory, those cake servings are huge!!! One should suffice for two or three people. It was not even mind-blowing amazing so after like five teaspoonfuls you will have enough to last for a month of cake craving. 😉

After dinner, we walked around for a little Christmas shopping. Out of the blue, this Filipina lady stopped us for a conversation. She started really friendly and giving us the nicest compliments. We knew something was coming up from under her sleeves. Very soon she asked us money to donate to a charity for abandoned Filipino children. She was a very persuasive one at that. She seemed like a scam from head to toe. She must be a scam. And I have heard these Filipino ladies scam asking for money around the malls and train stations are becoming ubiquitous in the US and Canada. We gave her a dollar or two and left.

David went window shopping at Taghuer and Burberry with this transparent Bath and Body Works shopping bag that I have unwittingly taken with me. Told you he is one of a kind.

Shopping for my real husband’s underwear. Yep, he only wears Calvin Klein and Armani since he met me. Lucky YOU to have me, huh? 🙂

We went to the ice skating rink to have a Christmas-y feel by the giant Christmas Tree. Christmas season is a very lonesome time for OFWs. We gotta take what we can get.

Heading back to the hotel at ten in the evening…and we took the wrong bus and got lost!!! Help!!!

Safe again. Back to the hotel…for more photo shoots. 😉


I particularly love Hilton’s new bathroom amenities provider. Look at that fun-shaped soap bars. They smell like the forest too. I can’t resist taking them with me whenever I sleep at Hilton.


The first guest to have dinner at the new Paras residence for the showing of his travel documentary Byahe. Click here to view

This was the first time I made leche flan and it turned out perfect!!! Lucky guest who ended up washing the dishes. 😀

Yes, that was him with his imaginary microphone, because I do not have one.

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