I can resist anything but good books, Facebook, my favorite television series, new sexy underwear, end of season sale, shiny and expensive things, any reason to dress up and doll up, a few more minutes after the alarm goes off, and an irresistible pair or two of brand new shoes on sale. These among other things. 🙂

I AM SO GUILTY!!! But I am happy so it is okay.

And this day was all mine.

Thank you Steve Madden.

…I put on a new pair of shoes and suddenly I am okay…

I finally got a pair of riding boots.

My new favorite. they are very comfortable on the feet too. I have seen something very similar in Jennifer Aniston about three years ago. Since then, I never stopped looking.

A sweet pair of kitten heels that I bought for myself and my sister.

A pair of rock and roll that comes with a kiss.

Beauty doesn't have to hurt. This has got to be the most beautiful pair of leather shoes that feel like heaven on my feet.

Traincase love, anyone?

What better accessory to complete the outfit with than a smoking, yellow Lamborghini. 🙂 #Dreaming with my eyes wide open.


Found a safe haven for my wedding gown. 85 dirhams only at Centrepoint.

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