Grammy’s 2012 update.

Whoever won, congratulations. But tonight, let’s not talk about music. Fashion always rings better in my ears. 🙂

DOWNGRADE OR UPGRADE. I know that Kanye West can be seriously annoying, but to break up with to hook up with Wiz Khalifa, I don’t know what to say.

Amber Rose and Kanye West at the MET Ball in 2009

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa at the Grammy's 2012

Speaking of performance, Taylor Swift’s number was the only performance that I did not fast forward, except for the half part of the Rihanna and Coldplay duo, in other words, the part where Coldplay performed “Paradise” sans Rihanna. Sorry Rihanna, I only want you in music videos.

As for Adele, I have seen her perform that song many times and my husband keeps playing it at home so I thought I would skip it.

About Nicki Minaj, she looks like a poor imitation of Lady G and Madonna. Hohummm. What could I be missing, right?

I love Taylor but I am really sorry that I cannot say the same for Taylor’s outfit. Her hair was too severe, in other words, too unmade for an awards night. Her dress looked too Forever 21. No offense. I shop too at Forever 21. Just never for the Grammy’s, if ever I would get a chance. In fact, her body looked like a hanger against that oversized dress. But I loved her performance, as I have said earlier. It was musically inferior compared to the other performers but it was the most fun and was even better than its music video. Her whimsical facial expressions were undeniably very cute.

I think the most beautiful lady for that night was Katy Perry. Even her silly blue hair looked va-va-voom and sleek on her. Was it the post-divorce glow or the 2 million worth of diamonds that she was wearing? Probably both.

Rihanna is a beautiful woman and her sex appeal is screaming. But this dress looks better on Jennifer Aniston. She could use a more muted lip color too.

This is what I am talking about. When it comes to little black dress, Jennifer Aniston simply owns it!


I have always been supportive of Britney Spears. I was so happy when she dazzled at the VMAS  2010 in a sparkly Versace dress.

Imagine the disappointment when she showed up at the Grammy’s looking like she just rolled out of bed in her nighties and put some sad makeup on.


Dolce and Gabbana delivered it for Bruno Mars. He was actually looking cool…until you look down.  That just breaks my heart. Cropped trousers and no socks? Whatever was your point, I don’t get it.


This was just wrong for a lot of reasons. The orange color on her skin tone. The black undies. The only excuse I can think of it is mid-life crisis. Knowing if you dressed up properly is simple: If people notice the person instead of the dress, that is a good thing. If people notice the dress instead of the person, you might want to check yourself at the mirror again.

Finally, Kelly Rowland. Another beautiful woman with a bad stylist. Bad hair stylist, to be precise. I am not feeling it. This would have been fine…if she was ten years old.

For the sake of saying something nice, here is 14-year old Hailee Steinfeld hitting all the right notes at the Red Carpet in a Marchesa gown and Ferragamo shoes and clutch.


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