Big, Bad HooD!!!

Winter ain’t over yet!!!

Had my eyes on something really nice during my very recent travel to Moscow. This is the must covet right now–a little bit of something straight from one of my favorite childhood stories, the Little Red Riding Hood coats.

The snow and the cold need not leave your fashion sense ice cold too. It’s all hot and mystery with a big, bad hood!

My camera in a stalker mode at a Russian lady coming out from the metro station. That must be a very expensive piece of coat.


Reese Witherspoon looking all warmed up in a Moncler puffer coat.


The lady herself--Little Miss Red Riding Hood.


A very feminine touch in a full swinging skirt by Cecilia Hammarborg with her "Field Fare" coat available at


This is my favorite!!!!! The pointy tip of the hood is so kinky!!!! grabbed from streetstyle aesthetic

To those who are currently living in the warmer parts of the world–drool!!! 🙂 Or those coats should be inspiration enough to travel somewhere icy cold. 🙂

Good morning!!!

Off to Singapore!


2 thoughts on “Big, Bad HooD!!!

  1. Aysus dghan kaau na diri. Last month grabeh sale pero wa jd ko nibuy anang naay hood.hehe.. If naa ka time adto Promod s Ion Orchard or Stradivarius s Raffles City Mall,atbang ra Carlton.:)

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