Movie Date.

And the corniest movie of the year award goes to…..

It was a total waste of time and money. From an avid moviegoer’s point of view, the script sucked, the action scenes were lame, and the movie made a fool out of those who know their Greek of Mythology. I just hate those Greek of Mythology-inspired movies who pretend that these stories don’t already exist. ArrrggghH!!!!

They did not even have the decency to bother to cast someone with a nice body like the Bollywood’s version of this movie, the Immortals. Duh! But at least, they came up with a show-stopping trailer, huh? If I were you, stick to its trailer. If you will not watch it on the big screen, you will not be missing anything.

No thanks to my husband for booking us into this movie instead of The Hunger Game just because his crush, Rosamund Pike, is in this movie.

Shame on you, dad.

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