Bb. Pilipinas 2012

I am in the middle of a very crazy busy schedule, yet something so powerful has lured me back into this personal space of mine.

Bb. Pilipinas 2012 has concluded last night…and I am terribly upset!

How could this



win over this?



Okay, I accept, MJ’s answer did not really make so much sense. But J’s answer did not sparkle either. If you talk about brains, beauty and body, Nicole owns it by a mile.



Nicole’s question and answer portion:

“Which you would rather be, someone who’s respected or someone who is loved and why?”

Her answer: “I would rather be someone respected because that means you maintain your integrity, dignity and self-respect and that means that in turn you will be loved by whoever matters and everyone around you.”


J’s question and answer portion:

J was asked by judge Jose Manuel Romualdez on her stand on the issue of women who let go a happy family life for a successful career.

“I believe that women have the right to choose between what they want. But for me, you have to go for what God has called you to do, whatever it is, between the two. You must do what’s your purpose in this world. Just have a childlike faith and matured obedience then everything will go smooth. Thank you.”


Don’t dare lecture me about being a bitter, ugly person who has no better things to do because I don’t care. Just prove me wrong. Please.

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