His first pair of cufflinks.

My feet in high heels landed once again into Dubai, very fresh with pleasant encounters from the largest city in China only two days ago. That would be Shanghai, in case you did not know. I came home with my cutest purchase so far–my little bumblebee’s, Buyugix, first pair of cufflinks.

And what spells royalty more than a horse in a turquoise background color?

Surprisingly, I found them in one of Shanghai’s underground market. That is the place to buy imitation products and kill for your dear life just to get the best bargain with your haggling skills.  A friend of mine told me that the trick was to pretend you are really interested into the product. Then whatever price they will give you, agree only to half of that. If they refuse, say no thank you and leave the store. The owner will always call you back and give you the price that you want. It works 99% of the time, believe me.

Personally, I hate going to any bargain markets. I have no patience with haggling and I prefer quality over savings at any day. But for the love of some kinky wigs and clip-on fringe, I marched to the market with my girlfriends at ten in the morning.

That day was absolutely mine because I found the clip-on fringe too. I paid 30 Yuan only and I am quite happy. Forget about the wigs because they made me look 15 kilos heavier on the face alone. Eww.

So after I was done with my shopping, some cute tweed ensemble for little girls and boys on the window display caught my eyes. They were absolutely the cutest and poshest tweed outfits that I have ever seen, complete with leather and metal details and Burberry silk linings. Each coat was around 1,300 yuan each (6, 000 Php). I could imagine Victoria Beckham’s baby girl wearing those clothes. They were not the mass produced Chinese clothes at all! Whatever that shop owner was thinking of putting up a shop in that area, it was beyond my understanding. But I was glad he was there at the same time I passed by.

I immediately rummaged through the boys’ shirts on a 50% discount. They were pricey. But for a reduced price with an additional 50% discount, I paid only 200 yuan (1, 000 Php) for each shirt. I usually pay 80% of that amount for a crappy kid’s shirt from H&M so I was more than satisfied with the deal.

Here is what I bought. The attention to detail was impeccable. And it is a shirt with cufflinks. Seriously, where can you find kid’s boutique that sells shirt that has cufflink holes? It would be very rare. Perhaps if you go to Armani or Gucci then you might find them.

It has several pleats at the back for a better fitting.

The cufflink on the shirt.
By tradition, cufflinks are worn only when the man is over 30 years of age. But recently, as long as you have fun wearing them, do as you please. Too bad for my husband, the store owner, who also made the clothes himself, only make clothes for kids.

I only had an embarassing amount of Yuan currency with me, but I just could not resist to buy this white shirt on the hanger.

Up-close, you will also notice that it has a dedicated space for the necktie. That is why I love the tailor so much. His attention to detail was very amazing.

He only uses shell buttons, never plastic.

I even found the hood jacket that I really like inside his store. But it was not for sale. He said he was not proud of it. He needed to make adjustments and will later on add some leg straps which are necessary for horseback riding. He told me that the clothes that he made were designed for those of Royal Blood. The details on his clothes were consistent with traditional gentleman clothing. His brand’s name, Esquire, in fact, meant a boy training to be a gentleman. While he was packing my purchase, he was also giving me lessons on how men should wear their suit 101. Told you he was the most fascinating boutique owner ever.

Before I left, he gave me something extra for my husband. That is a top secret at the moment. Will tell about it later.

By the way, we have moved to a new hotel in Shanghai. I hope the reason was not because the previous hotel kicked us out. We now stay at the Jumeirah Himalayas. Prepare to be awed. This has got to be my most favorite hotel facade so far. It is a piece of art on a grand scale. No wonder, it is owned by a company from Dubai.

photo is grabbed from destinasion.com

Jumeirah Himalayas Hotel - Shanghai at night

Sky lanterns at the ceiling of the lobby.

Reception desk

Very chic lobby furnitures

Updated Chinese furniture design.

White carpet moment in my bedroom. Hubby will love the wood floors, for sure.

This very stylish chair has balls on four corners so it glides smoothly on the floor.
Anne Hathaway gave me the creeps.

The closet matches the furniture theme of the room.

Opaque view of the bedroom from the bath.

It was no less than love at first sight.

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