And France said goodbye to a beautiful First Lady.


Sarkozy just lost the French Presidential race. That means no more Carla Bruni. Princess Letizia now stands alone in fashion face-offs. Remember this famous photograph? That is Princess Letizia on the left wearing a layered body-hugging dress by a Spanish designer, and that is Carla Bruni on the right wearing Christian Dior from head to toe. Did you notice the famous red sole? I did. I noticed the sole but I did not even realized that Michelle Obama was in this photo until three years later. Gosh!

This must be the first time in her life as First Lady that Carla Bruni met her match. And she was very well got upstaged big time by the Spanish princess. But not so much like Michelle Obama. That is Michelle Obama in a sorry looking white and raspberry dress. I thought she was a personal assistant or something like that. I felt really bad for Michelle. So much for learning your lesson the hard way.

That is Michelle Obama on the far right. If were her, I’d crawl up to a cave and die. LOL.
Today’s lesson: You get the exact amount of attention that you give to yourself.

Kate Middleton, the world needs you now more than ever!

3 thoughts on “And France said goodbye to a beautiful First Lady.

  1. Just want to make a comment on the photo that you posted here in your blog with Carla Bruni, Princess Letizia and First Lady Michelle Obama. The photo is fake. The dress that Michelle Obama wore in the photo was taken during her visit in Marivent Palace in Palma De Mallorca. She was in Mallorca vacationing with her daughter, Sasha and a couple of friends. It was not an official or state visit to Spain. While in Mallorca, the Spanish royal family invited them to the palace. Again, this is not an official visit. Michelle dressed casually and so as Sasha. I still consider the dress beautiful, and she had her make-up on. Here is the link to the photos of her unofficial meeting with the Royal Family. As you can see, Princess Letizia wore a white dress not the dress that was posted in your blog. Also, Carla Bruni was not there. This was just the Spanish royal family welcoming the Obama’s in Spain. I don’t know who photoshopped the image, but they are trying to discredit Michelle. Knowing Michelle as a fashionista and an icon, she won’t dress up casually on a formal gathering with royalties and head of states.

    • Just realized that after seeing another photo. But still…I can’t compare. I’m sorry.

      These photos on the steps were also taken during a casual meeting. The official photos were during the formal dinner.

      My point is, Michelle could have looked so much better if only her wardrobe assistant had executed her job properly. That dress on Michelle did nothing to her figure. Especially the shape and the color made it look like a little girl’s dress in a woman’s size.

      • No apologies needed. Just want to make sure that its corrected. I found the original photo of the meeting between Letizia and Carla (see link). .It was on a different occasion. The article stated that the meeting happened after Michelle Obama went back to U.S. As you can see on the original photo,the one on the left of Carla had a black suit. You can barely see the arm. The fake photo was replaced by Michelle’s image.. I agree that Michelle’s dress was not the most flattering in her figure but i guess she chose the dress that was comfortable considering that they were in Mallorca vacationing. It’s also not fair to photoshopped the image and compare her side by side with two women wearing a formal dress for a formal dinner. I personally admire Michelle as a First Lady and a fashion icon. She is brave to wear gorgeous off-shoulder gowns and know how to accesorize. Her predecessors wore conservative clothes that made them 20 years older. But some people are out there to get her.You know,its election year here in U.S. BTW- loved all your travel blogs. Keep on posting

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