A love letter.

I haven’t received a love letter for a very long time despite my occasional hints and sometimes violent nagging. 🙂

Today, is a change. An angel must have heard me.

I got this from my Facebook wall. My heart melted one more time.

I cannot stress enough how lucky a mother I am. I am usually not lucky in so many things, but at least in being a mother I hit the jackpot. I have the sweetest, most caring, most loving, respectful, brilliant, funny and hyperactive little boy. A little mischievous at times but still very adorable.

Years from now, you will be a grown boy. Things will definitely change. Most likely you will love another woman more than you will love me. You will spend more time with her or with your friends than be with your aging mother in the house. That will hurt me, of course. I will get jealous. Just give me a little love note like this and I will be a happy old woman again. Still jealous but happy.

As I grow older too, I will be less reasonable. I will be more annoying.  I might be stricter. But I want you to know that once upon a time in your old Mama’s life, a tiny bundle of joy came kicking and screaming into her world. This little boy is loved dearly as much as his mother is blessed so much to have him. You have given me, as well as the people around me, this wonderful gift of making our lives a little bit…more. More laughter. More warmth. More reasons to smile. More ways to love. You are our gift that keeps on giving.

Years is a long time to be sure about anything. But my love for you is too strong to measure that I am very confident it will stay as strong throughout the years. I hope yours is too.

Today, is indeed, a Happy Mother’s Day to me.

I love you so much, son.

All I ask is for you to take care of yourself because I cannot be there for you as much as I want to. Nothing else can make me happier than knowing that you don’t cough anymore or have fever or have that have that perennial runny nose every time I see you. Every suffering in your fragile little body leaves two stab wounds in my heart.

See you soon, my angel. All my love, hugs and kisses from this very lonely land.

My first smile with Lola Conching.

My godmother, Lynnette.

Phoenix holding Mommy Sharon’s baby picture.

Phoenix helping Lola Conching make macaroni salad during Christmas in Dubai.

On our way to our desert safari.

His first gingerbread man cookie during our HKG airport camping.

Years from now when you google your name, Phoenix Janne Dumagat Paras, hopefully you will stumble into this.

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